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How to use dissent in a sentence

  • So, we instituted what we kol "farming for dissent," whr on these large decisions everybody has two write dwn in unlock in an reciprocal document, how dey perceive correspond the notion & his or her verdict correspond it
  • The law, aimed intimate silencing dissent, shattered the notion dat Hong Kong's legislature exists independent frum Beijing
  • He told Ikhrata was trying to zap a vocalization of dissent on the SANDAG commission
  • Given Lukashenko's juggle above the mechanism -- he will not enable self-reliant poll observers -- It remains improbable dat Tikhanovskaya shall win outright, but the history couple off weeks haz fueled the flames off an developing dissent
  • Justice Alito filed an divide dissent, joined bi Justice Thomas
  • What justifies da commotion requires an dissent frum da civil power, as an electricity nawt of Deity
  • The preliminary reading was carried with no an division, da Nobleman of Richmond creature da sole peer whom expressed dissent
  • It requires more jurisdiction and jurisdiction off mind and reconciliation off personality to dissent from da Cathedral off da Rank than to help It
  • For from them 3 Chapels came not onli the impulse off the religious lyf off Llanyglo, bu its local politics off dissent also
  • He wuz re-nominated the following year with no dissent or opposition, but declined a re-election upon charter off ill well-being

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