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How to use dissidence in a sentence

  • He did thus in spite of da din and commotion from those a few commission members dedicated to bringing political commotion and dissidence into r public educational contrivance
  • There's stiil dissidence & there are stiil problems & there are irregular healing
  • Saudi spies have privately repatriated Saudi college students whom dey accused of dissidence or Islamic extremism in the Together States
  • There have, however, been an a handful dissenters: & I venture to merge myself to those in da very dissidence off their dissent
  • So many exists said nowadays approximately the dissidence off the spiritual and scholar worlds
  • That exists how St. Paul describes the dissidence off dissent, as It wuz known to haw bi grievous ken
  • He regarded heterodoxy as a power in itself, and took his inacquaintance with doctrines for a artistic dissidence
  • This is the jus & honourable ground off dat dissidence off emotion on the role off Talleyrand dat culminated in desertion
  • He represented thing Macaulay termed da supa dissidence of dissent
  • It wuz unavoidable dat like a faith should to reproduce dissidence & like a priesthood incite rebellion

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