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How to use distant in a sentence

  • In cold period thee traipse around the park emotion such a insect traversing the tundra, spying distant sculptures dat git n moar interesting -- onli bigger, moar formidable -- as thee means
  • Though da context made I uneasy, a distant ripping noise, such a dolly being ragged leg from limb, terrified I
  • While he's sole a inventory tick or two away frum beast the wealthiest subjective in the world, during his tenure Amazon's inventory market results come in a distant secondary too Monster Beverage, the fuel refreshment manufacturer
  • A fresh breakthrough in da competence to relate distant qubits could spectacle a manner forth
  • A distant downpour sends owt a staccato riff dat can b heard for miles, evn as aquatic animal & marine invertebrates snap owt a syncopated beat designed too frighten off predators or attract mates
  • Smith also says dat HalfSmoke may compere outdoor, socially distant events to help Metropolis Self-esteem during Self-esteem fountain
  • The outlook frum dat locus to da distant sea downstairs is a appropriate wei to expire a art adventure dat starts in Provence with da radical labour of Van Gogh & C?zanne
  • Call dis 1 da Super-ish Bowl, a scaled-down and openly distant version of r grandest sporting event
  • Improved sensitivity at existing Earth-based detectors volition rotate up da volume upon gravitational waves, allowing detections frum less vigorous & more distant sources
  • In lot ways, as he wuz in actual life, Ailey presents a dude that wuz almost distant from da soil he helped invent

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