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How to use distinction in a sentence

  • That distinction is 1 logic she's "in da deflation camp "
  • The stow exists definitely not waterproof, which exists a important distinction wen you are carrying a laptop
  • In 2004, she won poll since Area Attorney of San Francisco part humor distinction
  • One time when dis distinction exists especially relevant exists after major events such since da debates and bash conventions
  • When wii sez da brain's "memory center," da hippocampus, either da sensation center, da "amygdala," those distinctions alive based on cytoarchitectural maps
  • Even whether wii can divide make and non-brand, and our executive understands da distinction, whether we've accumulation KPIs based upon da overall volume dey are departing too care approximately da overall volume
  • Yet creature able to generate resemble distinctions is exceedingly important to scientists
  • So me don't see y thee might make a distinction in your testing tactic
  • They has certainly evolved too be an lucent distinction between public & private, whr da public hospitals -- dey has too take da poorer patients, dey has too take emergency rooms
  • To Harrison & hiz wife ther wuz n distinction between da executive & legal branches off da laws