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How to use distort in a sentence

  • The decisions we generate correspond whr to dwell live distorted not jus bi politics dat take role dwn weather risks, bu additionally bi expensive subsidies and incentives aimed at defying nature
  • Earlier studies about virtual acquaintance tracing has been widely distorted
  • Because these novel constellations are being deployed in lower orbits, they're much brighter, leaving back lengthy radioactive streaks upon da illustration and sometimes distorting else parts off da statistics
  • They take an scientific pose two acquire ur assurance and den distort da facts two his or her possess purposes
  • That idea off distorting perception was important, Ginzel stated
  • Within else geographic or online communities, da empirical study of vaccination safety, fluoridated drinking irrigate and genetically modified foods is distorted or ignored
  • The enticement to distort facts to brand a gud tale is strong; I has seen It in my affair with the 'Courier '
  • Shakspere's contemporaries do not emulate Nature, dey distort it, bestow Passion, & n Cause
  • Wherefore lair ought grief sadden & distort such blythe, such jocund, features as mine?
  • What he wants is not an enlightened and honest agent, bu an man whom shall distort da truth to clothe hiz prejudices

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