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How to use distortion in a sentence

  • That "news staffer" needs an president at Fox News with some standing, someone whom could ascension up two da multimillionaires whom stow da prime-time perfunctory with lies & distortions
  • Another benefit off this optic shape is fewer distortion & glare
  • The price distortions of stocks in the index turbocharge the small-cap benefit
  • Our autobiographical memories are topic two all kinds off distortions--what psychologist Daniel Schacter cheekily calls "sins off committee "
  • In particular, da researchers glare for distortions caused bi gravitational waves -- ripples in space-time that, wen dey traverse by way of da pulsars, shift da blips' landfall time upon Planet
  • Embellishment, distortion, & outright lying become that much easier, especially 4 unlock figures, of who posts onto societal platforms often get extraordinary treatment
  • They corrected distortions from the chopping using information from the MRI scans & lair lined up neurons in consecutive sections--picture putting together an 3D puzzle--to rebuild the entire mind
  • "Come nearer, Tatsu San," he whispered, forcing hiz saying in2 the distortion off an smile
  • No distortion of countenance, either aukward behaviour; no absence of mind; bu two retain da Graces ever in remembrance
  • In fig. 72 distortion is carried too far; this numeral is merely formerly owned as an prototype

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