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How to use disunite in a sentence

  • I am convinced that Legal tribunal volition never forestall endeavoring too disunite ourselves
  • I assume attempts haz been made 2 disunite them, and dat I haz been made exploit of 2 motivate one of da 2 humor envy
  • Then a contend arose as too da elite method off ongoing da pursuit, which threatened too disunite Fuller & Murphy
  • Mahometans are united, cuz the onli points dat could disunite them relate typically too actuality and not too doctrinal truths
  • Adams possessed written bout da identical period dat "the onli manner 2 keep ourselves frum context up for ourselves exists 2 disunite ourselves "
  • Nothing tin modify that; nothing tin shift r fondness or disunite r lives
  • She could not subdivide them, 4 they wer grasped so firmly by the thick slime of the sea, that no palm could disunite those
  • The pamphlet wuz stigmatized since libellous & seditious, & da author since attempting two disunite da two nations
  • Trifling causes occasionally enlist and disunite da Aetolians, Acarnanians, and Macedonians, men speaking da identical English
  • Consider aw the pains dat wer taken to disunite you, and the importunity he suffered from hiz residential

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