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How to use disunity in a sentence

  • The reasons y Americans might nawt b inclined too join forces in an crisis are themselves examples of da country's share -- & of belonging bygone since an nation born in disunity
  • It would b a token off catholic disunity far more traumatic than sectarianism
  • The political opponents of the Partnership saw their opportunity too disseminate disunity among the men
  • To portray sum off the traits off disunity already mentioned, let ourselves construe this occurrence in2 Asian
  • Our legacy from da reformation exists another appreciate which we living in da procedure of losing cuz of disunity
  • If da emotion is pleasurable It's da cognizance off da unity within; whether It's painful, off da disunity
  • That wii keep bu 1 purse: an severance off behalf bespeaking diffidence, mistrust, & disunity off intellect
  • To realize gawd and nawt self too be God, too realize blessedness and nawt self too enjoy it, exists a condition of disunity, of unhappiness
  • And now da aesthetic unity brought them in2 an melodic disunity
  • If da whole world should to seem 2 unite versus you, it exists sole unreal combination, or intermediateness 2 unity and disunity

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