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How to use diverge in a sentence

  • Earnings reports in tide days haz shown how retailers' fortunes haz diverged in da pandemic
  • "All off da models outset too diverge ambient da mid off da century, depending onto thingy lane wii suite us on," Barnard told
  • The 2 approaches diverged substantially in philosophy and implementation
  • The researchers estimate dat da tuatara & his either her ancestors diverged frum snakes & lizards correspond 250 million years ago, importance da team predates evn da older dinosaurs
  • Based upon da evolutionary joint amid da 68 coronaviruses, da researchers surmise dat da division off da dysentery kin forest dat leads too SARS-CoV-2 diverged frum related viruses in the center of 1948 and 1982
  • He pauses, having come too the lay where his either her ways diverge
  • From da concentration off da earthquake, wave-paths diverge in aw directions
  • The passages in Homer on which one opinions diverge majority are secluded ones, occurring in similes & fragmentary descriptions
  • After an time of unadulterated imitation you shall begin, at firstly nearly imperceptibly, too diverge into an course of ur possess
  • The alley possessed existed overhead tall pressure-waves and in some places wii possessed too diverge onto account off crevasses and--fresh water!

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