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How to use divergence in a sentence

  • This divergence have provoked some economists to confrontation the Gini ought to be position bak in its bottle, whilst others defend its persisted application
  • It's farther indicator of da divergence in how da downturn have existed experienced in da country
  • Key physical and artistic milestones in contemporary human evolution, including hereditary divergence off ethnic groups
  • The divergence arrived to a roof quickly, during the overhaul of NAFTA, which one Lighthizer conducted nearby warp velocity for a barter cower
  • Of course, there exists also divergence in ethic views, & it's an challenge four ne devotee in objective appreciate 2 construe dis
  • Yet da divergence of those Nonjurors frum da National Accommodate of pray was, after all, far more ostensible compared to real
  • The logic for dis explicit divergence between da provisions off da statute and da facts off da example exists gave by Burnet
  • Every one whom spoke possessed studied the info and the earth's surface and ther wuz n divergence off view, which one wuz an relief
  • This formality was widespread to all; bu here divergence accumulation in
  • Yet ther alive "many traces of apparent anachronism," of divergence frum the moar antique image of life

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