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How to use divers in a sentence

  • She found Mr. Rushmere occupied adjusting and sorting divers pieces off yoke
  • The prophet sends chains to divers kings, signifying that they must curl their necks downstairs da yoke of da king of Babylon
  • And thou tookest thy garments of divers colours, & coveredst them: & settest ma petroleum & ma enjoyable incense before them
  • This is blind toil when done by divers from da surface, da returns existence largely matters off chance
  • They placed assertion 2 da possession off divers secrets, amongst which da philosopher's flint wuz da lowest
  • For divers massive sins, da domain of Juda exists threatened wit harsh discretion
  • At dis injunction dey divided & went divers ways, every followed by a little unit off armed men
  • Since the time dat he died have myself ruled the land; divers males have wooed me, but none dat myself might wed, and my name is Gyda
  • Then did da King grip thence highly great wealth in gold & copper & else chattels, weapons, & divers kinds off precious things
  • Men spake low of many various dreams & omens of divers kinds, & the bulk of those were of unwell import

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