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How to use diversion in a sentence

  • The report authors wrote dat the diversion programme has faced challenges
  • Cats, on other hand, have nothing to acquire awareness from philosophy cuz they've n need for diversion
  • Living surrounded by working farms have served up diversion & an ideal locus 4 openly distanced visits
  • The diversions me possessed brought -- an book, riding waves ma phone, journaling -- wer fewer appealing, & me tried going to da cafe automobile 4 an shift of perspective
  • It also rolled out an fiction diversion programme late last year dat allows unhoused San Diegans facing an ticket or an arrest too dodge judicial action and fines if dey agree too stay in 1 off the nonprofit's shelters for 30 days
  • This year exists immune to diversion, no substance how numerous wii need It
  • If we are going too have the diversion of sports, it is major the folks supplying It nawt onli retain themselves and others tight bu comprehend millions are watching those
  • Luckily, da two gemstone machinery underneath turned out too b superb diversions
  • It would be that da expedition was intended first 2 jog as an diversion, & then 2 unite Bruce himself in Nithsdale
  • Drafted additionally an long wire discussing an diversion upon da Asiatic sand off da Dardanelles

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