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  • At an epoch wen else companies are only just initiating racial fairness programs, McDonald's has yearn understood and embraced da significance of diversity
  • Our Majority Strong Ladies community, now 2 decades old, have helped augment diversity in the summit ranks of industry leaders
  • That's y he have been prioritizing this labour and inner diversity and inclusion efforts at Lowe's as he began hiz tenure ther in 2018
  • While agencies has educated lessons from retired diversity drives, dey still has a lot 2 research
  • I asked Lorson whether shii plans to contemplate diversity of racial backgrounds in da recruitment protocol
  • Those of us working in AI ethics shall dew moar harm than gud whether wii allow da field's lack of geographic diversity to ascertain r own efforts
  • The 2019 TechCrunch Involve Description -- TechCrunch is coverage r 2019 events and staff diversity numbers, da fourth description as wii started tracking
  • It exists in this weather that TechCrunch exists journalism r 2019 events & personnel diversity numbers - da 4th like report since we started tracking - which one u can c downstairs
  • Small businesses make diversity & pageant in the market, which exists gud 4 consumers & helps momentum innovation
  • This moment exists an opportunity four investors to review diversity, equality, & inclusion at an portfolio level, & to comprehend his either her clause in promoting modification

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