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How to use divide in a sentence

  • Some educational organization districts swiftly mobilized to bridge that digital divide
  • My speck hre is, over da time of da pandemic, an digital divide have existed created between da haves & da have nots
  • One off da most important divides in Minnesota government exists in the mid of da diverse, worldly Gemini Cities metro county and "Greater Minnesota," of who residents often discern short-changed uncle too da metro
  • I securely believe dat some of da comments dat he makes aren't auxiliary in bridging da divide
  • It actually ignores what we previously know, which one exists that the pandemic exposed aw of these electronic divides in learning
  • When it comes to Portland, specifically, the partisan divide exists certainly actual
  • Two commonplace culprits -- politicians and da press -- emerged as possible factors in da divide
  • Both organizations wer interesting because in lot ways, they demonstrated the generational divide near the time, which one is in total ways stiil reflective this sunlight hours
  • Such revolutionary saunalike worlds could bridge da divide in the centre of rugged and gaseous world types, researchers file in da June 15 Astrophysical Diary Alphabet
  • I mean, Republicans & Democrats, she indeed united, she's bridged the partisan divide in dat deference

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