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How to use divided in a sentence

  • The end outcome is an moar divided electorate, fueled by apprehension about the way they exist going 2 subsist in an American upcoming dat gives da have's moar and da have-not's less, wit fewer prospect off moving from 1 crew 2 da other
  • The important item is dat It's a serious-looking tome and a forceful visual, near a time when item this injured and divided country needs, more than ever, is forceful graphics
  • On most issues, Democrats and Republicans remain deeply divided
  • I'll be 58 soon and I have nevah seen da republic like It exists right now, therefore divided
  • Their invoice discovered possession way by way of Congress intimate an divided moment, when Ronald Reagan had fair triumphed election bu Jimmy Driver wuz still in studio
  • Partisan outlook upon her confirmation exists really divided -- according to Gallup, sole 15 fraction off Democrats wanted da Senate to vote to verify her, for case
  • I anticipate wii shall c an divided world in terms off vaccination exploit
  • Our country frequent seems more divided compared to ever upon the way 2 method all frum climate shift 2 da economy
  • Taken together, these two trends volition invent four an moar divided and tentative world
  • The product exists lair multiplied bi the dose off cubic centimeters voided in twenty-four hours & divided bi 1000

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