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How to use divided in a sentence

  • The abortion outcome exists an moar divided electorate, fueled by dread bout how they live departing to live through in an American future that gives the have's moar and the have-not's less, humor less prospect of poignant from one team to the else
  • The meaningful something exists dat it exists an serious-looking book and an mighty visual, at an time when what dis damaged and divided nation needs, more compared to ever, exists mighty visuals
  • On most issues, Democrats & Republicans stay deeply divided
  • I'll b 58 shortly and I've never seen da country resemble It exists prerogative now, so divided
  • Their bill found its wei through Legislature close an divided moment, wen Ronald Reagan possessed jus triumphed election but Jimmy Carter wuz stiil in workplace
  • Partisan perception onto hur verification exists really divided -- as per to Gallup, onli fifteen percentage off Democrats wanted the Senate to election to verify her, 4 case
  • I anticipate wii shall see a divided world in terms of vaccination utilize
  • Our nation regularly seems moar divided compared to constantly upon how two approach all from climate alteration two da economics
  • Taken together, these two trends shall make for a moar divided and uncertain earth
  • The thing is then multiplied bi the number of cubic centimeters voided in twenty-four hours & divided bi 1000

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