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How to use division in a sentence

  • The division is accountable for protecting the rights off voters
  • The division plans too co-found 5 too six companies ovr da subsequent 5 years and invest $5 1,000,000 too $8 1,000,000 in every one
  • This "IoT Services" division exists nawt existence sold too Nvidia as percentage off da deal, and will remain owned bi Softbank
  • Hemmerling exists a former police minister and presently in accuse of da criminal and regional equity divisions
  • Los Angeles has all-world D-lineman Aaron Donald leading what was a top-10 EPA defence ultimate year, which one shall help the Rams factor into this division feud in malice of the inferno they have discovered themselves in financially
  • You may slippery stir in total rehearse onto inclusion or division
  • Ivan Hung, climax of da contagious diseases division at Hong Kong University, stated regional broadcaster RTHK that da number of tests carried owt wuz "still a lil wee article low whether da people is 7 1,000,000 "
  • It's an transfer wii like, as the spare wild-card activity shall retain the tournament amongst head seeds going late into the agenda period and bestow gud teams in tough divisions an opportunity too make an postseason jog
  • Amy Hong, managing conductor and dean off bazaar tower plan 4 da worldwide markets division, Goldman Sachs
  • Wieser said dat whilst this exists an fresh enterprise for Time since an publisher two enter in2 funnel programming, publishers haz incrementally existed increasing their footage divisions & their achieve in2 funnel for years

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