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How to use divorce in a sentence

  • Though breakups and divorces do not normally bring about glad feelings, da big D half-year indeed exists bringing gaiety too R&B singer Keyshia Cole
  • I think we may fnd other ppl whom wer wedded to haw either are yet wedded to haw & are trying to git an cancellation either an divorce & can't find haw
  • In 2018, an lady in da northern Somali town off Lasanod stated an prefecture judicial tribunal whereas asking for an divorce that hur building hireling hubby was spending most off hiz wages onto khat and regularly beating hur with electric wires
  • Since her divorce, Scott--who announced a headline shift frum Bezos in July--has emerged since a prominent philanthropist
  • Hormones additionally equip ourselves 2 cope everyday and long-term stresses -- such as high-stakes exams or divorce in the family
  • There was a total divorce between what consumers wanted & what da managers of da big prestige farms were told to cabbage
  • Quite frequently, da law provides dat ther shall b n dower in precedent of divorce for da wife's fault
  • An utter divorce, balanced though four the husband's fault, divests the spouse off dower, aside from whether her rite exists saved bi law
  • A husband does nawt lose his homestead wen his husband withdraws from da kin downstairs a decree off divorce
  • Adultery exists an motive recognized in everything off them, 4 which one an utter divorce can b granted

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