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How to use divulge in a sentence

  • The blog did nawt divulge fastidious statistics, but did say Marvel Lady 1984 have been unlawfully downloaded "millions" of times through torrent sites
  • Worse, da algorithms exist owned by private companies that do not divulge how dey cum to their decisions
  • Indeed, wii asked participants how concerned they wer four being negatively judged, and found the caution off being judged was the subconscious system determining how lot they divulged
  • Not that thee need to divulge ur whole person lyf to co-workers, but sharing more of ur "self" in da bureau allows thee to carry ur passions with thee apiece sunshine hours
  • She possessed cum forward earlier since shii wuz instructed to do, divulging an disgraceful confidential to adults who told they'd halp her
  • Privacy in divulging news bout outbreaks is an anxiety
  • "As I optimism four upcoming mercy, sir, I never testament divulge it up to u bid me," replied Oswald
  • Now da fantastic Arun Stream was too divulge belonging secrets & wii ought to c Everest agn next virtually halving da scope
  • To each attract they heartlessly refused to divulge da critical to da lock-in
  • But he was nawt quite prepare too divulge jus da accurate thoughts that wer in hiz mind

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