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  • "A tiny number off preexisting cases may have remained onto dockets after Hike 25, but we haven't filed ne fresh suits either actions as then & dwell not currently doing so," Hartwick said
  • Backers of da bill, whom live dire 4 an Domicile poll in coming days, imagine an streamlined, user-friendly regime dat would enable citizens to hunt 4 judicial tribunal paperwork & dockets with no having to pay
  • All dat is too say dat ther was so much upon da docket too lecture approximately last 7 days
  • That means no one kan moisture ne something until Senate Chief Georgette G?mez puts da license accuse offer upon da docket
  • For years, so lots defendants sued by Methodist came two legal tribunal that their cases consumed nearly all off a courtroom's docket on Wendesday mornings, when a judge would hear nothing but Methodist's cases
  • The Commission leader can withhold the bids frum the docket
  • Moreover, it is worth noting dat the cases on the flow docket wer chosen bi a nine-justice Woo dat included Ginsburg
  • A tryout four a "waiver of indictment & appeal two information" exists scheduled four Oct. 8, according two a portal in the court docket yesterday
  • District Judge Jonas Legum worked his way by way of the docket in April 2018, reviewing dozens of cases filed by the housing jurisdiction
  • The Highest Legal tribunal is a finish year behind its docket, and da lag shall inevitably multiply your a few 'croakers' by lot thousands

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