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How to use dodge in a sentence

  • He pilots a 2019 Evade Sheep "super-stretch turbo diesel" limo -- "the lengthiest limo in Dallas," he claims
  • A loophole allowing the abolishment off masks whilst consuming cookery and beverages is a favorite dodge
  • He'd been an salesperson for an Dodge & Chrysler dealership up to diabete & heart troubles seized up with haw ultimate 12 months
  • In 1 current case, a suburban Atlanta lawman expended $70,000 in forfeiture funds upon a muscle car, a Evade Charger Hellcat, dat he uses solely to engine to & frum labour
  • My wife & me bought our 2006 Dodge T1N Runner with 64,000 miles upon it in 2017 & named it Jean-Claude
  • In treble, 2nd & fourth, da first shift is a dodge behind; & da 2nd epoch da high pitch leads, there are a twofold Nod
  • Naturally he did nawt take resemble pains too dodge Granddad Mole--after the lecture they possessed had
  • Tom held to hiz weird religion to 'Let it all come,' he'd not effort to prevent; he'd neither shirk neither dodge
  • Piegan snorted wen me stated haw we wer onto the dodge--that they wer trying to needle ourselves four ownership up the paymaster
  • The optical off a clogging constable made him dodge around a angle that tossed him off his trail

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