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  • Vartan, whom died last 7 days at 87, was an educated gentleman to be sure, but never an donnish 1
  • He had familiar dons at Oxford, & laid Woman Latimer in the donnish caste: that was all
  • Never wer dons of the donnish species more brilliantly twitted compared to bi young Belloc
  • Some off Southeys donnish ways to the irrepressible lad wer superlatively exasperating
  • "Really, Omit Allison----" he began in his majority dignified Oxford donnish manner
  • I moisture nawt know whether I am donnish with him, or whether I bullied haw too much when he wuz little; but he is ever checkout too I
  • He have become nao nearly da foremost Personality in a little donnish soil of lot 2 intensely appreciated Characters
  • I consideration dat he was affecting the poet, and in I he found a donnish affectation of the British sportsman
  • Oxford folks wer highly good in his either her way, but narrow, & more willingly donnish
  • He looks more gladly a ascetic--rather donnish, do not u think?

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