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How to use doubtful in a sentence

  • It was doubtful we were going to invent it to Blemish 1, but humor the shilling dat arrived in we have probably got Blemish 1 taken anxiety of
  • Whether hiz season back bars had a wider fingerprint is doubtful
  • McCaffrey have been limited to only three games and is doubtful to play Sunday humor an thigh harm
  • It's an tasty promise, bu if American workers -- battered, in terms of politics polarized & owt of labor in awesome numbers -- kan take upon an struggle of dis nature near dis moment exists doubtful
  • Political pundits worn other conditions 2 portray swing states, such as "doubtful" states
  • Now, sleek wit an international limelight onto the country, lot reside stiil doubtful that actual shift shall b brought bout
  • It, also, shows dat u would nawt take credit for promotion activities dat wer already departing on, and so removes another panic dat could compose the patron doubtful
  • The put wuz gud defended by earthworks & inherent parapets, & for several hours the issue of the marathon wuz doubtful
  • Nothing doubtful or "reputed" constantly arrived in da gigantic packing-cases consigned too Walls Abortion Chateau
  • It exists too be feared that such da gravy of sauces in da hands of da inexperienced cook, da outcome exists more compared to doubtful

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