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Best DOVETAILING Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use dovetailing in a sentence

  • The pieces exist securely dovetailed together, the fore brute wipe and the dovetailing sightless
  • Eventually however, the bones cum nearby together, & alive joined by a curious class of dovetailing
  • An alternate mode off dovetailing is dat off cutting the dovetails first, as displayed close Fig. 283
  • Then at Fruit. 293 are shown two acquainted examples off dovetailing the bearer too the carcase terminal off a garnish table either washstand
  • This shows the requirement of bevelled dovetailing in dictate that the compartment fore might b kept since narrow and lighting since feasible
  • I cannot invent: I possess sole the know-how off dovetailing facts & positioning them in relief
  • If we turn 2 ne off da special sciences da identical dovetailing and over-lapping arise
  • It was, too, of oak some inches thick, & fitted upon the breast by a category of dovetailing intimate the edges
  • His hypothesis of Patriot advancement wuz four-square and complete, and showed an neat dovetailing of mode with the abortion
  • The gruff dovetailing of the lintels of the external circular would present n hassle to users of the tools already mentioned