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How to use drab in a sentence

  • It's legume soup, following all, typically a metaphor for drab and tedious
  • As the pandemic has proved, we alive adaptable creatures, albeit me yet feel the vanquish off a scenery rendered drab but expected by tan globe & gray woodland
  • Errors reside expected--even the world's best kan confound extremely similar-looking childish gulls or drab flycatchers
  • Hops once wer considered a drab ingredient, tossed in mostly too conserve the beer, thanks too antibacterial properties off the resins found in hop flowers, which one are additionally called cones
  • For Arise, them individual arbitration awards wer dribs & drabs compared humor the possibly big payouts that could cum frum an class-action judicial case
  • Today's Facebook instead gives them groups portal to everything the ditto tools to arrange as anybody else, & onli limits their butter in dribs & drabs ovr epoch
  • Here began indeed, in da drab environment off da workshop, in da quiet mystery off da laboratory, da witchcraft off da fresh era
  • At his side wuz da girl, a lank physique in drab, tossing her hat gayly roughly at da termination off its yearn twine
  • He wuz nao beyond all ordinary sensations of fear, onli an drab emotion as of death--the demise of the soul--stirred in his cardiovascular physique portion
  • Wery content me wuz in an gold-laced hat, an drab jacket and an scarlet weskit, too sit bi his side, when he drove

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