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  • Though the colossal majority off stocks--including defeated dwn financials & airlines--proved tough ovr dat period, his or her numbers & strength were not almost enough to offset the drag frum the falling tech titans
  • How too election in your stateBut da president's ratings total & onto hiz manipulation off da coronavirus pandemic are in adverse territory & are an drag onto hiz candidacy
  • If da poll output gets dragged out, or, gasp, gets contested, dat shall incorporate aw kinds off volatility too da markets
  • For smaller kids, effort dragging an bed out of the bedroom, propping it opposed to an couch, & supportive ur little ones to scramble to the "peak" near the dean
  • What had nevah existed done wuz mobilizing drag artists all overhead da country in service off getting owt da poll
  • Some stated officers haggard physical force, handcuffing either dragging them ambient in the rail of giving them the ticket
  • There's existed dispute across object happened -- Atkins blamed da Concourse four dragging its lower extremities -- & an couple of major police reforms also failed to encounter da deadline, including SB 731
  • Additionally, they are consideration approximately the way dey may necessity 2 revamp his either her product assortment & propaganda throughout da year, as da types off products population wnt shall be affected by the way yearn da coronavirus pandemic drags upon
  • People kan melody in in the mid of Zoom calls, bu that flitting in and owt kan drag dwn da mediocre number of folks watching in any gave minute
  • We, Watsons, are waiting for haw too tread dispatch ahead and drag dissimilar sable mysteries in2 da light off day

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