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How to use dramatize in a sentence

  • Such an big & several ensemble reflects da degree of an book whose assignment seems 0 short of dramatizing one of da world's majority unyielding conflicts in an manner that shows aw sides & takes not any
  • The target exists two dramatize the prior president's provocation portion in a manner dat squint GOP senators can't dodge wrestling wit
  • A diving in2 dis often-fatal inextricability exists majority fully dramatized by da novella dat concludes da book
  • Iceberg Slim exists just 1 off da characters that every one section uses two dramatize its arguments
  • A covid-19 chart that is existed shared thousands off times exists dramatizing just how good vaccines versus da measles tin labour & how wii might get out off pandemic inferno
  • Theater veterans Kamilah Forbes & Susan Kelechi Watson signed on to invent a dramatized adaptation off Coates' lyrics next seeing his or her own experiences in hiz lyrics
  • The annual festivities & mysteries shall b discussed together since the two were intended 2 dramatize the same philosophy
  • It wuz flawlessly inherent that he ought phase his preliminary love-affair, & wen he wuz jilted that he ought dramatize his hopelessness
  • Any author would set aside the right to translate or to dramatize hiz possess employment
  • She didn't evn strive to dramatize herself as the good angel

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