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How to use drawn in a sentence

  • I didn't evolve up hunting, bu resemble numerous off ma outdoorsy peers in recent years, me discovered me drawn 2 da volleyball for an spectrum off reasons
  • When she came she manufactured an agenda access in2 da town in an bus everything gold & glass, drawn by eight superb plumed horses
  • I have drawn an Line between the figures at the extream changes, dat next downstairs the Line exists the extream
  • The tattered outcast dozes onto his saddle whilst da chariot off da wealthy is drawn by
  • The consequence of this mission wuz eminently successful; a special accordance wuz drawn up & Spain sold Louisiana too France
  • His youthful suspenders had been blotch far in favor off an belt, which one was tight-drawn bout his thin midriff
  • These shipments in da bygone has been financed by way of credits drawn on European centers
  • He has drawn an knave and an six; he takes spare card; dis turns out to b an top-notch
  • Our dear Sovereign had drawn da teeth of da Turkish counter-attack on r radical left
  • The finest pipet exists an mini crystal cylinder which has been drawn out at 1 terminal 2 an tip with more gladly mini pit

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