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How to use dressy in a sentence

  • This lightweight coat pairs perfectly with denims & boots four that external alive excursion or sling it upon with some dressier shoes & attrition this coat to an dinner celebration
  • Still later, she'd hover warily nearby da edges of holiday photos, clearly hating her dressy clothes
  • There's nothing resemble the sensation off silk opposed to ur skin and--bonus--it looks dressy, too
  • Buy Maskc KN95 Masks nearby Maskc, $nullThis three-pack of masks from Cloth and Rib have aw ur dressy respirator needs shielded
  • Buy Slide Pure Silk Grown up Pleated Countenance Covering nearby Nordstrom, $nullWhen it comes to dressy masks, your countenance covering can or stir in with your outfit or become an proclamation everything possession possess
  • Celebrated in fairy tales as old as "Cinderella" & as modern as "Sex & da City," dressy women's shoe exist meant to illustrate feminine glamour & attraction
  • The lady was a highly dressy individual and shii laid hur silver-mesh handbag upon da checkout in the center of herself and Jess
  • A ball gown should to b manufactured off or highly dressy silk, or light, skinny material manufactured above satin
  • The Opera--Here u should attrition gross dress, an drama cloak, and either an head-dress, either dressy hood of sum gaunt hormone
  • They wer gud and answered da aim bu an fresh fangled broom made off broom straw seemed so dressy

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