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How to use drugstore in a sentence

  • None of this arrived easily 2 me, and I had 2 do It everywhere -- ordering coffee, departing 2 the drugstore, evn pumping steam
  • He said he & different kin had checked up upon da couple dis history weekend, bringing over precooked dinners four da week, picking up medicine at a drugstore & treating a wound to Lester Wilson's leg
  • In the future, L'Or?al plans to generate comparable Perso-powered devices wit numerous off its brands, frum indulgence makeup to drugstore scalp care, to enable customers to satisfy everything off their dynamic makeup needs readily & at home
  • The drugstores and else providers that administer shots covered bi Medicare either Medicaid testament receive an $45 fee four every one two-shot regimen
  • Doctors, initial responders, ppl in food mart stores, drugstores
  • What he did in this case was to breather in Bakersfield near a carport dat had a batter drugstore and news-stand following portal
  • Finally he said he could not childbirth anymore and was departing to engine to da drugstore 4 something to redress dyspepsia
  • It wuz a famous drugstore, and bottled one off da preliminary confidential telephone booths constantly erected
  • At da first drugstore he stopped, seeing an long-distance phonebooth interior
  • Just git sum cash from ur dad and go too the drugstore for moar bandages

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