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How to use dug up in a sentence

  • The Elizabethan pipes were so bite-size that nao wen dey dwell dug up in Ireland the needy call them 'fairy pipes' frum his or her tininess
  • Several tons of leaden pipe were dug up in Fleet street, London, placed down 300 years previous to
  • I was getting up sum weed roots four ma spouse dis a m. early, & dug up dis shut 2 one
  • He has went too git her electricity too haz da corpse dug up agn and lay someplace other
  • Mr. W. is now having the mud flatten off his smoke-house dug up & boiling from it the sodium chloride dat has dripped into it for years
  • For trey generations it is existed a type off a gnaw-bone, to b dug up & chewed upon wen there are nothing else
  • The following day dey dug up the silver thorax and the crate into which Humphrey had place aw the papers he had collected united
  • There have existed things this evening dat have manufactured me perceive since if me possessed existed disinterred--literally dug up from a lengthy rest
  • Next sunlight hours he applied to da magistrates, and urged them to haz da whereabouts in enquiry dug up
  • Pharaohs are becoming scarce near da evaluate near which one dey are being dug up; ther are not enough left for everybody

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