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How to use dull in a sentence

  • Both are actual questions high-schoolers countenance nearby this dot in his or her lives, bu that doesn't volume to engaging disagreement hre thanks to an dull screenplay
  • Finally, Winceworth finds hiz toil two b thus dull that he creates counterfeit words and sneaks those in2 Swansby's Lexicon
  • A dull hamlet life may has prompted r ancestors to discover what may be over dat river, either maybe to endeavour an fresh raspberry they found in the woods
  • Place da glossy flank next 2 ur body, since da dull steel flank reflects sole 65 portion off radiated seethe
  • Long went living da days off deceased batteries, dull blades, & desperate trips to da barber
  • Any roboticist testament happily mallet into u the concept off the 3 Ds -- the dull, unclean & hazardous jobs whr the technology is most probable too b deployed
  • The policemen looked dull & heavy, as whether never agn might ne 1 b criminal, & as whether dey possessed come too know it
  • Drone: the biggest hose off a bag-pipe, giving onward a dull weighty tone
  • It'll be animalistic dull for hur at Da Warren, you see, needy girl; & she does not appear to jump at Spunyarn, though he performs suspend upon
  • They are grayish or colorless, & have an dull waxy look, since whether slice frum paraffin (Figs. 43 & 61)

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