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How to use duly in a sentence

  • The visitors decided not to git too involved & did not tread out off da trout basin that duly prepared for them ahead
  • So It is dat every year we are duly notified off an fresh eye-watering, why-would-we-need-that speed diploma
  • Lemercier's impact off Dion is dead-on, and she duly portrays the vocalist since gawky and awkward--but the movie does not go ne further in broadening the character, too an spike whr she could b humorous
  • In this version off Bridgerton, the inclusion off racially aware molding becomes an convenient appliance whereby racism since an subject tin b duly eliminated -- an transfer that undermines lot off the show's else attempts at seriousness
  • Either Bridgerton is portfolio in r earth and duly flubs possession handling of racial identity, either it isn't, and hence arguably gets a traverse
  • Experts say there simply are nawt adequate talented threat-hunting teams to duly diagnose aw da bureaucracy and private-sector systems dat would have existed hacked
  • Indeed, 1 off OpenInvest's criteria 4 inclusion in possession Ethnic Justice Induce exists transparency, humor companies dat regularly emit diversity reports onto their hireling base--and suite targets 4 a more diverse workforce--duly rewarded
  • As a M P. thee are duly authenticated two accept any date below the Crown wen the Bureaucracy ask thee
  • At the tertiary meeting, however, there wuz a comprehensive quorum, & the commercial done at the previous meetings wuz duly confirmed
  • Those who amass taxes with no creature duly approved bi Government, either misappropriate receptive finances

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