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How to use dun in a sentence

  • Here da couple reached da "Dun Cow" and retired to their respective barracks
  • My spurs moderately lifted the dun horse, & we scuttled in the facing course such a scared antelope
  • My fist flying to quarry since I jerked da dun up short, but I wasn't fast enough--and Hicks was 2 shut
  • And as if da yell possessed reached high heaven, that moment da dun clouds parted
  • The bunker had been classic wen Thyrsis got it, & as this was da tertiary spring he had worn it, it was black & dun off color
  • The September Dun--dubbed wit the dwn off a mouse, warped wit cinders coloured silk, wings plume off a starling
  • Dun Gnat--from midland appendage feather off an Landrail & fawn colored silk--cypher hook
  • June Dun--a feather frum Dottrel's back, hackled onto an physique of blue Rabbit's pelage & drab silk, dun hackle for legs
  • Pale Blue--light slice off Starling's quill plume for wings, light color satin for body, light color dun hackle for legs & tail
  • The Great Whirling Dun--dubbed humor squirrels fur, for wings, gray plume of mallard

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