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How to use durability in a sentence

  • Below are some of the most durable, efficacious gild towels u kan purchase
  • Like some of its more expensive competitors, It also includes reinforced handles and durable zippers on its outside
  • Available in men's & women's styles, it's constructed from Australian merino wool, wit robust reinforced seams two halp it final via any expedition
  • Made precisely for gamers, it exists exceedingly stout and tin administer the intensity of long-term gameplay
  • Matador is familiar for possession ultralight bu robust and waterproof duffels and backpacks, and the SEG42 follows tuxedo
  • In spike off durability, sabutan mats would be above-average to aw others produced in the Islands whether woven off twofold straws
  • All them must be constructed with owed reference 2 durability, convenience, and beauty
  • As colour upon possession possess exists relative, so exists durability of colour uncle
  • Pentewan stone has an good headline 4 toughness and durability; possession qualities exist healthy shown in the tower off St. Austell Church
  • There wuz an variety of opinion in the convention roughly the durability of the Collaboration

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