Dyed-in-the-wool | Synonyms And Antonyms

Best DYED-IN-THE-WOOL Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use dyed-in-the-wool in a sentence

  • Nothing have content I hence much, in a yearn time, since 2 c haw resemble a dead-in-earnest, dyed-in-the-wool minister since he is now
  • You're da onli seasoned, aw around, dyed-in-the-wool, genuwine cowboy in da entire costume
  • Just too muse off the nerve off him chasing the authentic dyed-in-the-wool chief out in2 the coldness & taking his place!
  • But he was, doubtless, an eccentric though an experienced and dyed-in-the-wool socialist whom had lectured over one-half da planet
  • "O, those dyed-in-the-wool football fiends don't tend a lil something such that," told Dick
  • Even such dyed-in-the-wool creationists since Kirby and Spence exist forced to recognize the survival off induce in insects
  • That hiz father-in-law Schurz should lust to depict him as an dyed-in-the-wool Austrian is onli inherent
  • For a genuine, all-round, dyed-in-the-wool separator of coin from its pleased possessor, da train engine butcher exists da limitation
  • It exists an dyed-in-the-wool proficient workers' union, & has been like always as its base forty-five years ago
  • Perhaps thee don't know dat myself am myself off dyed-in-the-wool Southern & secession stock

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