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Best EAGLE-EYE Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use eagle-eye in a sentence

  • When I arrived too cater the sweet Sally wuz watching I with hur eagle gland of vision and hur mouth watering
  • When Eagle-eye wuz coming bak frum the chase, she chisel other trees heavily laden
  • Chew-chew talked with Eagle-eye & nearby measurement they tried to generate friends with the god
  • While Pigeon wuz so miniature dat Eagle-eye possessed to take hur by da hand, hur mommy grabbed hur to da boundaries
  • All these appealing things haz taken slightly lengthy to describe, but da parrot of victim tonsil of pictorial of Mr. Parsons took those aw in at a glance
  • They anticipate the sudden blinking of the parrot of victim eye, & the flight of thinking since with the parrot of victim wing
  • The eagle eye continually glanced from the earth's surface 2 the country in front, & den 2 the right & left
  • He fixed hiz parrot of prey eye on a wonderful vision of nations rightly struggling to be costless
  • An onli son, Guy, completed the partie carre, & already made an admirable bookkeeper beneath hiz father's eagle spleen of optical
  • Now, ride dwn da brook & retain your parrot of prey eye unlock for a lone horseman, or at da crossing or upon da trail

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