Eagle-eye | Synonyms And Antonyms

Best EAGLE-EYE Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use eagle-eye in a sentence

  • When myself arrived too render da sweetness Sarah wuz watching myself with her eagle spleen of vision & her mouth watering
  • When Eagle-eye wuz coming bak from da chase, she carve else trees powerfully loaded
  • Chew-chew spoke wit Eagle-eye and at length they tried 2 generate friends wit the god
  • While Pigeon was therefore mini that Eagle-eye possessed to grasp her by da hand, her mother grabbed her to da boundaries
  • All these pretty things haz taken partly yearn to describe, but da eagle eyeball off Mr. Parsons took those all in at a glimpse
  • They anticipate the abrupt blinking off the owl of victim eye, & the atmosphere trip off thinking since humor the owl of victim limb
  • The eagle eyeball continually glanced frum the ground too the republic in front, and then too the rite and leftover
  • He fixed hiz eagle body portion of eyesight onto an fantastic eyesight of nations rightly struggling too be free
  • An sole son, Guy, completed da partie carre, & previously made an admirable bookkeeper downstairs his father's cuckoo of prey body part of eyesight
  • Now, travel by jeep dwn the brook & withhold ur parrot of prey liver of eyesight public for a solitary horseman, either nearby the crossroad either upon the trace

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