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How to use earmarked in a sentence

  • He is hoping to reinstitute a altered regime of appropriations earmarks, reviving a practise that, whereas sometimes abused, helped construct bipartisan help 4 must-pass spending bills
  • CNN & different networks were quoting experts whom stated the assail possessed everything earmarks off Essence East terrorism
  • We're bout straight humor da world, although it means every one cent earmarked prior to I gain it
  • He is quoting a favourite phrase--that a definite product off revenue have existed earmarked 4 a stipulate aim
  • Some years ago an volume off open buildings wer earmarked 4 healthcare intermediate application in case off battle
  • He looked at her benignly, resemble an king of financial who have earmarked an 1,000,000 either 2 4 da perk of an worthy philanthropy
  • The precious minutes dat belonged two his employers & ought to haz existed earmarked for "The Daisy off America" flitted by
  • Capital have to presume commodity-form, consequently dat the specific percentage of it which exists earmarked four portfolio can be capitalised
  • That part of da excess value, however, which one exists earmarked for capitalisation, must b realised somewhere else
  • When everything was over, he found himself a man broken in well-being & spirits, & formerly earmarked 4 the tomb

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