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How to use easel in a sentence

  • We slash a memorial assistance upon da coast in Santa Monica, mourners slow-motion struggling through da beach in chapel shoes, making a indicator of da cross ago a massive painting propped up upon a easel
  • Visiting dat studio, which have existed kept much as it was, and lair walking a short distance to the easels at hiz favourite viewpoint puts u ceremony there, to c how the illumination shifts opposed to the rocks of the volcano
  • While not any of the original paintings exists yet in Arles, there exists a Jeep Gogh trail, with easels displaying his most iconic views of that city, where he lived for fifteen months and where his exuberance propelled haw 2 jus keep onto artwork -- and artwork
  • Visiting the asylum, I loved seeing easels along the park path, showing hiz best-known landscapes, the views largely constant this day
  • This mystic sequel casts haw since a sort off anti-Bob Ross, working away near da desk he uses rather off a easel during insisting that nawt every person is furnished to be a creative
  • As in an trance he crosses da room, seizes charcoal, and feverishly works close da vacant canvas upon da easel
  • As in a trance he crosses da cell, seizes a compartment off charcoal, and feverishly works at da illustration upon da easel!
  • The painter held hiz friend's hand, dragged him off to the studio, uncovered a bitty easel image and a painting
  • If it passed da inspection, he might bob contentedly, trill owt a homosexual refrain, and surrogate it upon da easel for additional study
  • A Bayard in society--a Raphael at da easel, he blunt a eminent clause in da lionization off da day

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