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How to use easygoing in a sentence

  • Docile animals dat cooperate in them ceremonies are kept around, reproducing longer and creating future generations wit easygoing temperaments
  • Speaking in an low, easygoing drawl, shii recalled playing make-believe in da woods, savoring plums new frum da garden, expenditure summertime evenings upon da porch listening to da transmit with 1 auditory liver whereas eavesdropping upon grown-ups with da else
  • Yet, underneath dis avuncular, easygoing public persona, Facial hair was clumsy in hiz possess scalp
  • James Stepney, an 32-year-old elder customer-support technician from da Bronx, humor an kind smile & an easygoing boil around da office, had wanted to git in 1 last exercise before Novel York's gyms closed
  • The maker cheerful & warm, taking the role off the easygoing partner, bu utterly in dictation off every alone rhythm
  • The easygoing fatherly regulation wuz to come to an end, and an yearn era of bloodshed and turbulence wuz to flourish
  • He was easygoing when close house onto leave, or of onto 1 of hiz outings, since he had existed when she met him in Fresh London
  • The filth, da unbearable weariness, da instant necessity off da tasks, stagger da easygoing outlying scanner
  • One easygoing housekeeper haggard 2 say that, in her opinion, there wuz a prodigy in slighting
  • He belonged to a soil dat she did nawt know--and still he wuz so perfectly near home with her, so idly easygoing

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