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How to use economical in a sentence

  • Clearly, dey believe they've solved da problem in a manner that is useful & economical
  • The world off work have been undergoing modification four years, motivated by technological, economical, and social factors
  • Replacing the parts would not be economical--one approximation priced It near moar compared to $800 million
  • With sole 4 colors of ink, It will not deliver high-quality picture prints resemble sum various printers, bu for a home either office, it is a sharp, fast, economical, and environmentally-friendly harp
  • They transmitted one-minute video clips off five distinct runners to 121 coaches ranging frum high academy to global level, and asked them to rank da runners frum majority economical to nearby minimum economical
  • She is gargle enough, but supa thriftless--mean, with no the authority of existence economical
  • The accumulation & application of taxes & revenues will be position upon an din & truthful economical basis
  • Many, well eligible two judge, wer content dat it'd prove moar economical compared to vapor locomotion
  • Other entertainments may be given upon economical principles, but a ball can't
  • By a economical application of time, one may gain a carnival idea of Oxford in a a handful hours

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