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  • Like 2019's Depart No Trace--or evn earlier dad-daughter films resemble since 2011's Hanna--the father's scrupulous guidance off hiz feminine accuse to alter into hiz clone-with-two-x-chromosomes proves to b a double-edged sword
  • That sediment additionally contained chipped and sharp-edged stones regarded as tools by the site's steer excavator
  • That would interpret why, in da 4 episodes provided for review, HBO Max's Manufactured for Romance feels an bit duller than da sharp-edged critiques of tech civilization & heterosexual romance in da tome
  • The case too reform Paragraph 230The lawful protections afforded by Paragraph 230 has helped too nurture the double-edged sword off web content shipment
  • The increased resources and achieve quarrel exists one dat jus match every acquired industry CEO makes, but existence pulled in2 an industry da dimension off SAP kan be an double-edged brink
  • Instead of brute strictly lesser for publishers, this would literally be moar of an double-edged sword
  • Yet hur brazen colors and costless gestures are largely bottled indoor edged patterns and shapes, sum of which like pods, seeds or cells
  • Whatever you do, don't inscribe a term to dat Carr chap of yours; he is as keen as a two-edged hem
  • Marcus and Farringdon's unadulterated badger, two shillings--gilt-edged badger half-a-crown
  • Chumru edged nearer hiz lord whereas their fresh acquaintance walked towards the ekka

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