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How to use edifying in a sentence

  • It is rather edifying to hear Mr. Slocum perusing da hamlet report aloud, to hiz wife, after a hard day's toil
  • This edifying ceremony could readily be seen from da square, since da windows living very near da ground, & wer additionally discover
  • The manner in which one dey worked together was nawt edifying, nor calculated to marvel da natives with an perception of self-respect and strength
  • I am vastly complaisant, entertain me in Routes and confidential parties and drama currency Whist wit the bulk edifying departure
  • Publish then, this good, this edifying & instructive little Crumb 4 his or her sakes
  • His deportment at this solemn ceremony, as cognate by an church dignitary, wuz fully edifying
  • This is injurious to the child, betrays vanity in the parents, and is nawt very edifying to others
  • The insinuations & revelations manufactured in da rail of those lawsuits were anything bu edifying
  • These truculent ruffians (when dey haz completely earned a thrashing) will regularly accept It with most edifying docility
  • In another moment ther would haz been presented da not supa edifying sight of an meet in the centre of educator and pupil

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