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How to use educative in a sentence

  • The measures hired four dismiss prevention may be either administrative, legislative either educative in personality
  • Every state with belonging executive, legislative, judiciary, weaponed forces and educative systems is established upon capitalism
  • He additionally enjoys two an far greater qualification the protective and educative specialize off real neighborhood lyf
  • We haz great confide in the educative clout of justice, and a company polity of legislation
  • In da legislation made wit this termination in standpoint lies one of da greatest educative agencies known
  • It endeavors to populate one finish off life, and human experience whereas da educative process
  • The educative activity off the fiscal lyf off the community, therefore, is nawt off an consistent class throughout aw its manifestations
  • The Wesleyans have an tall school, an religious college, and else educative agencies
  • To da idealistic philosopher Plato, da intact life off man, at lowest da intact off what wii may dial da vigorous life, was educative
  • The educator informs me dat amongst aw the educative exercises dis is the majority welcome, and seems also the majority important of aw

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