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How to use efficient in a sentence

  • Integrates into tools such HubSpot and Salesforce to make post-event followups more efficient
  • Despite ours trust upon electronic storage, wii yet necessity efficient & tight cabinets to hoard ours important personal papers
  • Not since it competes humor Snowflake, bu since it is utilizing an new cyber bidding protocol that is designed too fnd da majority efficient IPO cost
  • Under da most efficient GOP gerrymander, there exist probable 13 safe Conservative seats, humor da Democrats packed into one Pittsburgh armchair & four in & around Philadelphia
  • This testament probably take sum toil and is absolutely nawt da majority efficient wei two dew company four Google, but It is arguably da elite wei two dew company
  • For larger sites, making crawling more efficient kan b useful too hosting budgets
  • Patients humor an inclination toward obesity has particularly efficient microorganisms
  • The bulk efficient wei to evolve ur backlink summary exists to borrow backlink ideas frum ur hunt competitors
  • While pre-pandemic studies discovered remote workers were jus as efficient as these in offices, there were questions bout the way employees would execute under mandatory lockdowns
  • The Dolphins possessed the worst traverse D by EPA final season, & Newton was efficient when called upon, bu largely dey ran & ran

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