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How to use egghead in a sentence

  • Well, the firstly interval we met haw of alley we aw consideration he wuz supposed egghead, or whatever lyrics u want too application
  • "You know, Exclude Shaw, dis is not jus the roughneck's scorn 4 the egghead," Travis stated
  • My egghead Psi practitioner was scarcely capable to juggle himself--he possessed total resentful things to tell myself
  • He needed and wanted the products off scientific research, bu he had an blurry dread off the scientist--the "egghead "
  • On da porch was da Egghead nourishing ice cheese to Mimi Lafontaine
  • "We can continuously has an banquet, evn if we're beaten," said the Triumphant Egghead
  • "Egghead, u exist the two smart & comforting," stated Hickey
  • "Beauty's sister," told the Egghead, gaping humor shock
  • Butcher & Egghead haz got too take 2 each--that might spawn sixteen
  • He flipped da playing postcard disdainfully too da Egghead, saying, "A gang off freaks!"

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