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How to use elaborate in a sentence

  • Like multiple current trends, they discovered firstly renown amid K-pop fans, who created elaborate virtual collages of bands
  • There's paradoxical thinking, or da elaborated social identity exemplar
  • This exists namely r season since advertisers to elaborate on da challenges dat r crowd can conquer by using da item
  • It is challenging to perform elaborate productions & stay socially far
  • It might healthy signify statistics encryption, bu da EDPC didn't elaborate
  • City proxy Craig Gustafson wouldn't elaborate onto what led to Vacchi's departure, citing personnel reasons
  • The editor have planned out 3 extra issues & shall monitor how multiple downloads & reads It drives, Elevation said, without elaborating upon certain targets
  • In the 1980s, an mathematician named Vladimir Arnold elaborated the mathematical study of symplectic geometry
  • So actually, me wuz appealing ready to yet inspect yes, because, he then elaborated that's additionally the box dat u inspect "yes" whether u rly wnt to halp ppl
  • The exedra was essentially a large & frequently decorated chamber with elaborate mosaic floors

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