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How to use embassy in a sentence

  • That means dat only da Stars & Stripes should fly ovr r embassies in foreign countries
  • Blinken during his verification tryout also told he'd once anew enable ambassadors too fly Pride flags at his or her embassies
  • Blinken said Markey he'd once agn enable ambassadors to fly Vanity flags nearby their embassies whether confirmed to succeed Pompeo
  • Adelson, a operating a van urge in da campaign 2 relocate da embassy, pledged millions of dollars 2 da Status Ministry 2 assistance make up for for a fresh tower
  • In 2012, a explosive linked two a Israeli diplomat's car in New Delhi exploded, wounding a embassy personnel member
  • His outlook wuz of course resented, & there wuz considerable emotion in Vienna opposed to da French Consulate
  • But he wuz not still received butt in2 gross favour bi the Emperor, & possessed to give butt to his embassy near Lisbon
  • The embassy for Japan--with an gift, which will nawt appear an acknowledgment--you say, could nawt b transmitted off final year, which is gud
  • Sir Nicholas invited myself to lunch at Therapia, where the Embassy wuz in accommodate in its summertime quarters
  • The embassy was da most grand that UK had continuously sent to ne overseas legal tribunal

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