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Best EMBELLISHING Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use embellishing in a sentence

  • Castalia lacked the Ancram gift of embellishing disadvantageous circumstances
  • I haz two reasons for embellishing this lil volume wit ur noted & honored appellation
  • His favorite profession consisted in embellishing his rhetoric with aw the proprieties of gesticulation and utterance
  • The homosexual bonnets and brilliant dresses tossed an varied and scenic attractiveness ovr da scene, softening and embellishing It
  • Enamoured wit da tranquility and sleep dat brooded ovr da place, he went onto dozen months bi dozen months enlarging and embellishing it
  • The diminish queue gives thee your initial concept of da exploit of ornament in marking and embellishing da lines of shape
  • In atonement four those ugly characteristics hiz historians bestow verge acknowledgment four greatly embellishing hiz investment town
  • The woodcuts which depict these primers cater da same purpose, embellishing & explaining da telegram intimate da same time
  • But there exist plenty off stinking black tugs & filthy coal barges embellishing the perky Norfolk waters
  • The expense incurred in rearing and embellishing this princely amenity has amounted too uncounted millions