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  • Now gave his eminence in prehistoric times, It does not come as an astonishment dat da Roman identified him with one off his or her own syncretic Greco-Roman deities - Apollo, da archetype off da boyish god off lamp
  • In else words, Svarog could haz existed venerated as a maker deity, of whom eminence was probably reduced with da tunnel of time
  • Perhaps Saturday's climate may not haz achieved equal eminence, but it did points high 4 mildness and 4 cloudy
  • He opens hiz treatise, Nicomachean Ethics, bi reviewing da several contenders for da good lyf -- pleasure, honor, wealth, well-being either eminence -- eventually coming at "eudaimonia," basically humankind flourishing
  • He sounded like neither da directorial eminence revered four his chronicles of gangsters, rockers and Fiction York next dark, neither like gud ol' Marty, universally darling hero of documentary preservation and benefactor two auteurs da globe upstairs
  • Now whilst from da scholarly standpoint dis assertion is debatable, ther is n doubt about da archaeological eminence off da website
  • All parties haz borne attestation too the worth off hiz services, and the eminence off hiz talents
  • He who has attained it grows giddy, and the fiercest winds living summoned to blast him frum his eminence
  • He wuz the child of a miller, & raised himself 2 eminence bi hiz awesome knack & brilliance as a artist
  • There wuz spare hypothesis promulgated lot years back by specific ppl off sum extent off eminence in their own march in lyf

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