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How to use Emmanuel in a sentence

  • Behold an maiden testament conceive, & abide an kid & hiz name testament be called Emmanuel
  • And da stretching owt of his wings volition fill da width of thy, land, O Emmanuel
  • Beneath the windows there is painted in large, letters the noun "Emmanuel;" bu the position of it is very inopportune
  • Of these, two-thirds came from Cambridge, an especially large ratio from Emmanuel University
  • The person daring off Winner Emmanuel is da skeletal & tendon off da Piedmontese motion
  • The Austrian demand dat Victor Emmanuel ought annul da progressive charter granted bi his father wuz unconditionally refused
  • Victor Emmanuel of Sardinia grabbed leverage of the circumstance 2 join the allies
  • Augsburger, Emmanuel, baptized by Gottheil at Stuttgart in 1852, an first-fruit of the mission there
  • Emmanuel, too, possessed cum from hiz far-off home 2 flush America's theological obscurity with a novel lamp
  • He pretended two grasp It aw owt upon Emmanuel, whom he declared two be n righteous magistrate off American history

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